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We have bred American Bullys for the last 15 years and are more well know as Muscletone Bullys. We have produced the most famous American Bullys there is: Magoo, Nemesis, Beanstalk, Casablanca, Mr Bean, the list goes on!

We pride ourselves in being the best and are constantly looking for ways to improve our dogs health and help our community.

We have never been a fan of supplements as we believe its down to genetics, but over the years we have seen so many different products come out for so many different things we decided to get involved and bring something new to the market, a unique all in one product for adults and puppies. We wanted to make it as effective as possible in as many areas as possible and not just a supplement to pile weight on your dog. We wanted to improve the dogs overall health, mood, condition, aid fertility, support the mother through gestation and lactation (pregnancy and whelp) support dogs of all ages and all stages of growth, bone development and build natural muscle that will be long lasting. We also wanted the dogs to enjoy it, so put all our ingredients into a tasty chicken flavour tablet or chew that can either be given as a treat or mixed with food.

After intense research and stringent results based testing, we have discovered the ultimate formula for your dog.
If you would like an in depth look into the ingredients in our products and what they do click here.

Information & Ingredients

Information and Ingredients of Muscletone Bully Bodybuilder products!

Our Muscletone Bully Bodybuilder unique supplements are packed with all the essential components (an essential component is a component the body cannot make naturally) a dog needs to optimise growth support at all ages, aid fertility, support gestation (the process or period of developing inside the womb between conception and birth) and lactation (the process of milk production) increase strength, build natural muscle, improve overall health, conditioning, enhance focus, support the bone development, brain develop, enhance disease resistance, boost vitality and could even give your companion a longer life!

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